Glennon Herman Myers Sr.


Glennon Myers

Josephine Sophie Demny



Life Summary

Marriage_Myers_GlennonGlennon was born in St. Louis, MO, moved with his folks to Jennings, MO where he went to school, married Josephine and raised 3 kids. He was a career motion picture projectionist. As a means to improve his family’s living standards, he worked during the day as a reserve policeman, fire chief, security guard and owner/operator of a dry cleaning/laundry business.

When a fire destroyed one of the business locations, he declared bankruptcy and relocated to Riverside, CA where he lived until his retirement and subsequent passing. During his life, he pursued many hobbies: model trains, helicopter pilot training, prospecting and saw blade sharpening to name a few. He always kept busy.

Life Summary

Josephine was born and grew up on a farm in Bremond, Texas. She attended grade school there until her family relocated to St. Louis, MO when she was 8 years old. She attended a local Polish grade school and graduated the eighth grade. She then went to work to assist with family income until she met and married Glennon H Myers Sr.

She was primarily a housewife raising their three children but would from time to time work outside the home to help with their income. She worked for several years at the St. Louis, MO Buster Brown Shoe factory. Later, when they ventured into a family owns cleaning business, she ran the shop and personnel while Glennon conducted maintenance activities. With the acquisition and loss of their laundry facility in Normandy, MO, they relocated to Riverside, CA where Glennon was able to find a motion picture projectionist job.

She remained a housewife thereafter and dealt with her diabetes. She subsequently lost several toes on her left foot and lost her right leg to the disease. Her part-time job during this period involved helping her daughter raise her three sons, as needed.