DCP_1340This website is the culmination of my obsession with trying to recreate my family’s ancestry. Frankly, I did not know who my ancestors were beyond my parents and grandparents. And I knew very little about them and their life history.

The quest began when I was introduced to genealogy by my 1st cousin around 1993. We’ve been at it ever since. I have focused on my paternal lineage (Miers/Myers) while she has taken the lead on my maternal lineage (Demny – her paternal lineage).

I have been a user of Family Tree Maker software and introduced her to it many years ago. I also introduced her to Ancestry.com and we have been users for years. We annually meet in Salt Lake City (I live in AZ) to do our mutual family research. I also make an annual summer trek back to St. Louis to visit family and friends (was born and grew up in Jennings, MO). While there my cousin and I spend a lot of time at the St. Louis County Public Library History & Genealogy department.

Over the years we’ve also visited the NARA National Personnel Records Center for military records, The Missouri History Museum Library for business records, The St. Louis, Civil & Probate Courts for wills/probate records, the MO State Archives, the Mid-Continent Library in Kansas City, MO and several National Genealogy Conferences, to name a few.

I also continue to do Miers research in MD & DE, where my oldest paternal ancestors are from.

The quest continues. There are too many blanks remaining to be filled.

My goal is to prepare, as definitive as possible, an ancestral lineage document on the Myers/Demny families for our family’s future generations. I think that it’s important to know where we came from.

Thank you for visiting this website. Please return often as updates are being made frequently.

If you have any pictures, photos, stories or hints regarding any of my ancestors, please consider using the contact form.