Joannes Dymny

(1820 – bet. 1889-1890)


Life Summary

Joannes Dymny was born on 10 Jun 1820 in Borzecice, Poznan, Poland as the ninth child of Sabastianus Biadala and Agnieszka Dymnianka. He had ten siblings, namely: Marianna, Casimir, Kasper, Paul, Franciazek, Valentine, Lawrence, Francis, Peter, and Magdalena. When he was 24, he married Urszula Biernat, daughter of Andrew Biernat and Marianna Rasiowna, on 10 Nov 1844 in Walków, Wielkopolskie, Poland. When he was 26, he married Hedvigis Filipiak, daughter of Philip Filipiak and Mariana Koich, on 24 Jan 1847 in Borzecice, Wielkopolskie, Poland. When he was 60, he married Elizabeth Dorsz, daughter of Simon Dorsz and Lucya Lojek, on 31 May 1881 in Berea, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA (St. Adalbert Church, 66 Adalbert Street).

Joannes Dymny was baptized on 13 Jun 1820 in Walków, Wielkopolskie, Poland. Godparents: 13 Jun 1820 in Walków, Wielkopolskie, Poland (Gregorius Bloch & Catharina Kielibina).

He immigrated to New York, New York, USA on 29 Oct 1880 (Arrived Port of NY on SS City of Montreal from Liverpool, UK). He then immigrated to Berea, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA (Migrated from NY).

He was also known as Jan Dymny. He was also known as Joannes Biadala. He was also known as John Dymny. He was buried in Anderson, Grimes, Texas, USA (Probably St. Stanislaus Cemetery).

He died between 1889–1890 in Anderson, Grimes, Texas, USA.

Joannes Dymny and Hedvigis Filipiak had five children.

Joannes Dymny and Urszula Biernat had two children.

Joannes Dymny and Elizabeth Dorsz had four children.

Urszula Biernat



Life Summary

Urszula Biernat was born on 26 Oct 1822 in Borzecice, Wielkopolskie, Poland as the first child of Andrew Biernat and Marianna Rasiowna. When she was 22, she married Joannes Dymny, son of Sabastianus Biadala and Agnieszka Dymnianka, on 10 Nov 1844 in Walków, Wielkopolskie, Poland.

She died on 02 Aug 1846 in Borzecice, Wielkopolskie, Poland. Her cause of death was “fever.”

Joannes Dymny and Urszula Biernat had two children.