Luke Miers Sr.



Mary Leatherbury



Life Story

Luke Miers Sr. was born about 1729. The actual date/place is unknown. His parents are also unknown. He was believed to be a British subject and came to America from England or one of the small islands along its coast.

When he was about 20, he married Mary Leatherbury, daughter of Thomas Leatherbury and Diana (Nee?) Leatherbury, on 30 Dec 1749 in Kent, Delaware, USA (Smyrna St. Peters P.E.?). He was illiterate (signed marriage bond with mark) in Kent, Delaware, USA on 30 Dec 1749.

He arrived in Maryland, USA in 1753 (Source Publication Code: 1243; Page 480) where he bought 200 acres. Upon his father-in-law’s (John Leatherbury) death, he was bequeathed, 1 slave woman and increase during the life of his sister Mary (Luke’s wife) in 1754 in Kent, Maryland, USA.

He was affiliated with the Shrewsbury Protestant Episcopal Church in Aug 1767 in Kent, Maryland, USA.

 He lived in Kent, Maryland, USA from 1753, at the 1790 census and until his death in 1792.

He signed his will on 06 May 1792 in Kent, Maryland, USA (Date written). He died about 26 May 1792 in Kent, Maryland, USA (Bordley’s Gift Plantation). His will was proved on 04 Jun 1792 in Kent, Maryland, USA.

Luke Miers Sr. and Mary Leatherbury had seven children.

Life Story

Mary Leatherbury was born in 1714 in Sussex, Delaware, USA as the third child of Thomas Leatherbury and Diana (Nee?) Leatherbury. She had ten siblings, namely: John, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Comfort, Thomas, Abel, Barsheba, William Perry, Sarah, and Charles.

When she was 35, she married Luke Miers Sr., son of Unknown Miers and Unknown (Nee) Miers, on 30 Dec 1749 in Kent, Delaware, USA (Smyrna St. Peters P.E.?).

She died on 15 Mar 1770 in Little Creek Hundred, Kent, Delaware, USA.

Luke Miers Sr. and Mary Leatherbury had six children.